thirty days…day one

Happy Theophany to you and yours. The big bang saved our camera. That’s right, we had been told the repair would cost as much as a new camera AND that Minolta, who made the camera has gone out of business so finding the part would be impossible….so just as we were ready to give up all hope, Aaron started banging the darned device around a little bit. His victorious “oh yah!” from the other room met my ears with glee. So, for now, it’s back in business.

In honor of this joyous event, this post is day one of a photo series inspired by the one carol and others did a while back. Titled 30 days of living, the series is meant to capture daily life over a period of thirty days. Carol didn’t use words, but I think I’ll give a short description for context.

Day one: Basil the zookeeper has been enjoying the leisurely spoils of Juliana’s double whammy stomach bug and cough (poor baby), although it does mean no bike rides at the park. Apparently watching Winnie the Pooh and “selling” me his animals is just as satifying. Oh, just look at those cute little glazed tv-watching eyes (sarcasm, sarcasm). But how it does help calm the little sickie.

Thought you’d prefer this picture to the messes I’ve been cleaning up…ick. Hopefully this won’t spread, but somehow I doubt that will be the case!


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