day two

My belly, me and Aaron…driving back at dusk from an appointment with our midwife. The kids fell asleep in the car and went to bed late as a result, but we enjoyed the quiet ride through the golden Southern California hills. Thankfully, all seems well with the baby.


6 thoughts on “day two

  1. Arielle

    I was hoping for a belly pic! So cute! When are you due, again?

    I’m sort of getting a baby in a few weeks. The family I both live with and nanny for (I’m kind of like a third parent around here that gets to give them back at night) is having another due on Valentine’s Day.

    That birth center sounds awesome. I’m seriously considering becoming a midwife someday. Are you planning a homebirth or a birth center birth?

  2. sara

    I’m planning a home birth..the other two were at home. Midwifery is wonderful…I thought about it for a while and still entertain thoughts about doing when the kids are older.


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