day four

No photo for the series…only, um slightly anticlimactic. Here’s why:

me: (rounding the corner into the kitchen) honey, i have something to tell you that i really don’t want to tell you…

aaron: (washing dinner dishes) uh oh.

me: yeah, i dropped the camera into the bathtub.

aaron: (turning around from the suddy sink to search my face for signs of a prank) you’re joking aren’t you?

me: no. i’m so lame, i was hanging over the tub and it just slipped…but i turned it off immediately and used the hair dryer to try to save it.

So there you have it. Clumsiness strikes again and thwarts my good plans. I think we’ll wait a day or two to let it dry out completely before checking.

I guess I’m not supposed to be taking photos these days. Does flickr allow you to upload images from the old fashioned cranial memory?

Oh wel, gotta go tidy up the house. My sister’s coming over this afternoon…hppy Friday.


7 thoughts on “day four

  1. annie

    Darn! That poor camera. Won’t it be amazing if it works after it’s dry, though!?
    I dropped a two different packs of light bulbs the other day, and not at the same time. And yes, they broke. You’re not the only clumsy one these days. Hope the camera comes back to life.

  2. sara

    the camera is toast…no good news, unfortunately! i was, ahem….taking pictures of the kids in the bubbles… that’s why it was over the bathtub.


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