“Mommy, I don’t want to grow up and get bigger.  I tell my body to stop growing but it disobeys me!”


9 thoughts on “three-year-old-ism

  1. Susan Sophia

    That is too cute!
    On the other end of the spectrum, Nicholas kept telling me today that he wanted to grow up. Several times today in fact and so finally I asked.
    As he is holding a stick of bamboo that has become his sword for the day he says, “Because I want it (the stick) to hang like this instead of hitting the ground.”
    I tried really hard not to laugh!

  2. momma

    I think your hunch is probably right, Sara… Funny on both spectrums of life, how people perceive themselves…..I remember talking to your great-grandmother Nana telling me that she could “remember and feel exactly what it was like to be a like a 16 year old” in her heart, even though she was now well into her 90’s. I will always remember the glimmer in her eyes when she told me that story (although she was almost blind at that point) as her memory clearly took her back to her days as a 16 year old.

    I am pretty sure that Basil will carry on family tradition in that special way of maintaining a”child’s pure heart and vision” as he grows up!


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