ten cent monday

What better motivation to get myself and the kids dressed and packed into the car than 10 cent monday at my favorite thrift store? In case you happened to pass by, I was one of the sorry looking folks looming outside St. Vincent de Paul before the doors opened this morning. Sad but true. I only found two things that I wanted for ten cents but scored some other treasures at a good deal nonetheless (only items tagged with one specific color get the sweet dime price). My favorite was an unstained, unpainted Noah’s Ark with an opening door and paired wooden animals inside. You know what they say, “one man’s trash…”

As if the day could get any better, the woman at the coffee shop “comped” my decaf because she felt bad that I had waited so long.

Plus the kitchen’s clean and toys are tidied and ready to be tossed around for the second half of the day.

So there, another shiny happy post. I guess I’m usually feeling swell while the kids are sleeping. Maybe tomorrow I’ll come up with something real, candid and possibly depressing…stay tuned ;)


2 thoughts on “ten cent monday

  1. Susan Sophia

    Oh Happy Day!!!
    I have not been to a thrift store since we moved. I used to go to 99cent day at Value Village frequently but the closest is 30 minutes away! :(

  2. lauren s.

    You’ve had an outing AND your kitchen’s clean? You are on a roll, Sara! I’ve yet to unload the dishwasher that I finally ran this morning and I still have a sink full on deck.


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