special time

Basil usually gets a treat after lunch, something small but tasty. He has a sweet tooth like I do, which I probably shouldn’t indulge. I know all the facts about processed sugar, etc. etc. but hey, a tootsie roll a day isn’t going to give him diabetes is it?

So yesterday he remembered that there was a bag of cookies in the bread basket, so he asked for one of those. I said sure and told him that daddy had made them. This is the dialogue that ensued.

b: Did Daddy really make these?

me: Yep, the other night while you were sleeping.

b: (Silence due to gleeful chewing.)

me: Sometimes after you and J go to bed, we have special time and watch a movie and make cookies or have treats.

b: (Coupled with a sincerely sad look) But I want a special time too.

me: (Trying to think of what to say)

b: (With renewed hope) Hey Mommy, maybe when I grow up into a man and I marry a woman, we can have a special time too. But we’ll name our boy Timothy and the girl will be “Campanula“…and they’ll sleep and sleep and we’ll eat all the cookies.

I thought it was sweet…but Campanula? Man. Just had to publish that one for posterity’s sake.


7 thoughts on “special time

  1. sara

    annie…it’s from the secret of nimh…the sick baby mouse was named timothy. he saw an edited version of it ages ago and gives the name to most of his “baby” creatures.

  2. Elizabeth

    Wow. Campanula? I had to click on that Wikipedia link and find out! (Weirdly cool feature, by the way…) Now, I don’t know how many times we’ve watched that movie, maybe 4? But I never caught that Campanula was the given name of Lady Tottington.

    That’s a pretty funny conversation. It is fascinating to think about what the people that are very close to you *do* when you’re not around.

  3. herman

    You remind me of two things….

    1) Our son Becket will ask when we take him to school on my day off if my wife and I are going to “party” while he and his sister are in school. I think he is on to us.

    2) Our daughter is named Tansy, and when she was but a wee one we were in the produce section of the market one day. While watching my wife pick out assorted vegetables Tansy and I were near the rutabagas. I jokingly said to my little girl, “when you were born mommy wanted to name you rutabaga… but that would be silly, rutabaga is a boy’s name.” she giggled.

    Thank you for sharing this story.

    We remember fondly having the opportunity of eating with Basil (and his Dad too!) when we were visiting in CA last year.

    Hope you are feeling well. And please give my greetings to your husband.

  4. sara

    papa herman…i love the rutabaga story :) their gender categorization can be hilarious, Basil is totally convinced that the name “Jeremiah” is a girl’s name! I will most definitely say hello to Aaron for you.


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