fevers and fluids

In case you are an overly visual person I’ll just let you know…despite the somewhat graphic title, this is a clean post. Sorry about if I caused you to gross out in any way I just thought the words worked well together.

Man, I thought these nasty flu bugs had been beaten down by our mighty immune systems already this season. I guess I was wrong. Poor Juliana has been hit once more. Yesterday afternoon she was playing with a toy sheep and found me sitting on the floor nearby. She plopped down, laid her head in my lap and fell asleep! No one else seems to have caught it yet. Please pray for her recovery and everyone else as well.


4 thoughts on “fevers and fluids

  1. Sean

    I’m sure lil’ J will be back on her feet and running in no time. I don’t even know if I’ve ever seen her lie down, period. She’s always on the move – exploring the construction at church, munching on a muffin, chasing after the “big kids”, or other equally important tasks she sets her mind to. I pray she has a speedy recovery.


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