a day for loving loved ones

Now I’m not a dozen roses type of girl. In factI’ll take a potted plant that will last or hand-picked garden flowers over a cheesy dime a dozen bouquet any day. But I do like celebrating Valentine’s day.

I believe we Orthodox actally celebrate this Saint’s feast on July sixth, but why not celebrate along with everyone today? Growing up my parents always had a little something for us…treats, a card maybe even a small gift. It was fun. This year my dad sent me a card and gave me a copy of Shirley Temple’s Heidi. My mom is stopping by this afternoon for a Valentine’s visit. I think we’ll have something special for dinner and read about the Saint. Why not celebrate a day of loving others and remembering the life of one who lived exemplary?

For the record…Basil just walked in drinking soymilk out of a carton which he snagged from the fridge (almost empty, thankfully!) and Juliana is singing Silent Night songs to her animals behind me (which sounds more like: saaaagh naaagh, hoooy naaagh and gets really cute when she gets to “all is calm” because her voice gets squeakily high) Time to finish morning chores and then we’re off to the post office.

So, love some loved ones and maybe even someone who’s more unlovable.¬† I leave you with these words about Saint Valentine…

Troparion (tone4)

Thou hast become likethe Apostles in their states, a successor to their throne, finding indeed the intelligent ladder, O thou God-inspired. Therefore, thou hast followed the Word of God in righteousness, and striven unto blood for the Faith. O martyr among Priests, Saint Valentine, interecede with Christ God to save our souls.

Valentine wasmartyred in Rome in the year 269 under Eperor Claudius Flavius. He had been put under the charge of general Asterius, who was supposed to persuade him to deny Christ. Instead, St. Valentine healed the general’s daughter from the blindness that had afflicted her for two years. He then baptized Asterius and his whole household. The Emperor, in his foolih rage, had them all tortured and killed. Christ welcomed then home into His Heavenly Kingdom.


2 thoughts on “a day for loving loved ones

  1. lauren s.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Sounds like a nice way to celebrate.

    And, like you, I’m not into the red roses bouquet with the tired baby’s breath and boring vase lacking all personality either. A nice card is about all I like! :)


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