forgiveness and another pho-n day

Firstly, please forgive me a sinner.

If you aren’t familiar with the Orthodox Forgiveness Sunday, there’s an interesting link. On Sunday night at the Vesper service, we officially moved into the season of Great Lent . The priests changed their robes from gold to the darker purple, bells were removed from the censer and the choir sang in somber Lenten tones. Following that service, we participated in the moving ceremony of mutual forgiveness, where each person present has a chance to ask and give forgiveness to all others present. Each year, I appreciate it and need it more and more…even while corralling an eagerly hugging three-year-old or balancing J on my hip (Aaron and I did switch back and forth through out the service). It is utterly cleansing and a beautiful way to begin the Lenten season.

With Aaron home from work for the day and last night’s rain clouds still looming in the sky, Pho, a tasty Vietnamese soup was calling our names. Satisfying as usual with lent-friendly options. We ventured down to one of our favorite walking places, and enjoyed the cool day with coffee and necco wafers, which I chose because I hadn’t had them in years. Somehow they weren’t as tasty as I had remembered, note to self ;)

In the past, I’ve stopped blogging during Lent. This year I think I’ll stick with it but may have less to say especially without a camera. Maybe I’ll post some recipes and quotes, unless there is anything particualrly blog-worthy. With that, have a blessed Lenten season and a nice week.

Oh, I’ve added another blog to my links…Pages of the Soul. Jen, a friend and catechumen from St. Barnabas has been on my reading list for a while but I keep forgetting to add her links. Go say hello to Jen!


6 thoughts on “forgiveness and another pho-n day

  1. Mimi

    Beautiful reflection. I have to admit, Dawn speaks highly of Pho but I’ve never had it.

    I do like Necco wafers, though.

    Forgive me, my sister.

  2. aaron

    The key to pho or any of the soups is copious amounts of basil and lime, a bit of soy, some “rooster sauce”, and a slice of fresh jalapeno every now and again. This is especially wonderful if you have a cold or allergies acting up. You’ll feel amazing by the time you work your way through a giant bowl of this stuff.


  3. jen

    thanks for adding me sarah! you’re very sweet! I know that we don’t get to talk much at church but I think we visit each others blogs quite often. Forgiveness vespers was powerful…….doing as Jesus told us to and as we pray so often ‘forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.’ I’m thankful to have met you and your family, even if I am often just admiring them from a distance. God bless you and your home! May we have a fruitful Lenten season!


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