weekend visit

The famed and illustrious Ferrenbergs of Paradosis and Sophia Says came down to our neck of the woods this weekend sans children to visit the Sinai Icons Exhibit at the Getty Center. We had a few chances to get some good visits in, and they joined us for liturgy on Sunday.

Talking with Susan was really encouraging for me, and seeing her interact with my kids was so nice. She is wise, warm, gentle, loving and genuine…both Basil and Juliana were smitten. I was able to pick her brain a bit through conversation while playing with the kids and trying to keep Basil from jumping all over her. From homeschooling to bedtime strategies to milk goats, our visit was a delight. Thanks Susan!

Here are some photos she sent me (ahh, a post with pictures, isn’t that something?).  The first is of Sue and my kids. The kids’ faces look so funny to me, Juliana kept wincing at the flash and Basil somehow looks like an old man. The second was taken at lunch with the Ferrenbergs and Ma’aes after church. Juliana had obviously had some red sauce, and what was I so excited about?

sue and kids

og mom and j


5 thoughts on “weekend visit

  1. Susan Sophia

    Thank you so much for your hospitality. We had such a fun time!!! Your children are so beautiful and I had a great time with them, especially my “date” with Basil!

    I can’t wait to see you all again, I hope it won’t be as long next time.

    My love to you all!

    Susan Sophia

  2. victoria

    oh my goodness! a familiar face! I met susan only a month ago at our women’s retreat she came too. so cool. and I found out that Paradosis was her husbands blog, so I already had details about her life before I even knew who she was. It is a small blog world after all.


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