Aaron drove away into the warm March morning, trailing scents of coffee and english muffins in his wake. I was sipping my tea and perusing my inbox, while Juliana colored with wreckless abandon amidst a strip of crisp light peeking through the window. Basil ran in to join us in the living room, Peter Pan costume in hand. He patiently struggled to tame his feet through the openings of his underwear, managing to get them on inside out and sideways. I kept quiet, taking his lack of frustration as a sign of conquest.

I took another sip and read on. Freecycle, nothing good except for a pair of soccer cleats we might use some day but I was probably too late. American Express, junk mail…“enjoy three free nights at Starwood Hotel”, gee is that what I get for the wads of profit they’ve made off of my interest payments? Father Wayne, wisdom quote from Archimandrite Sophrony “But the Lord Himself guides with Grace those who are given over to God’s will, and they bear all things with fortitude for the sake of God Whom they have so loved and with Whom they are glorified forever.”

“Mommy.” I hear from over my shoulder. “Can I have a wooden leg? I really want to have one wooden leg.”

Ahhh…here’s to mornings…slurrrp, fresh and full of new starts and possibilities.


5 thoughts on “cheers

  1. Mimi

    Tee hee. Removable legs would make putting on our Peter Pan costumes easier, woudn’t they?

    Hey – I have a pair of baseball cleats – size 3 (little adult, not kids) – would they fit Basil? I’d be happy to send them along.

  2. Michelle

    How cute! Kids say the best things!

    Today I was teaching our new puppy how to sit on command and when he finally did it, my son yelled “he did it!” I was so excited because he has never said that before and he used it at the correct time. So many soon enough he’ll be asking for his wooden leg :)

  3. sara

    Mimi, thanks for the kind offer…I think I’ll pass seeing that I have very minimal storage space and I bet there’s someone out there who would use those before Basil. Again, thank you for the offer, that’s so sweet of you.

    Michelle, very cute…how fun for your son to help train the puppy too. I’ve never had a puppy to train… what’s harder, kids or puppies?

    Herman, um, yeah he was Peter this morning and Hook all day yesterday as well as tonight. Talk about confused.


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