linky linky

This short and helpful article on the destructiveness of entitlement in marriage and family relationships is worth the read….many great points and very applicable.

Have a good weekend.


4 thoughts on “linky linky

  1. momma

    Beautiful article that hits right to the point of a truth that will remain important for the many years of growth in a marriage and family. I am happy for you that you understand these concepts at this early phase of your relationships! I love you, Sara.

  2. sara

    momma, I don’t think I’d say I really understand these things or don’t have my share of feelings of “entitlement”, because boy do I. It’s something to be aware of though and something to struggle against. I love you too :)

  3. momma

    ..might not understand these things, but realizing the value of the concepts at this juncture in your life is…a great start…!


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