the bun in my oven made me do it!

Three recent accomplishments thanks to the lively lump of dough in there…

1…Bought a 160 gallon stock tank

No, we don’t own any livestock unless neighborhood cats and possums count. This is for the baby. It is the exact tub I’ve used for the two other births which I really loved; the depth, heat retention and firm sides have been ideal. Unfortunately our new midwife doesn’t have this kind. So, we went in on it with a fellow water-birther, who not only happens to be Juliana’s godmother but is also due with her fourth baby in a month. For now it’s sitting on our grass being used as a pirate ship and hideout. Check out this site if you’re interested in waterbirth. Neat stuff.

2…Put the boy to sleep on his own

Oh yeah, Basil is officially falling asleep on his own in his own room. We’ve worked up to this for a long time now and the transition has be pleasantly smooth. He’s not afraid and never had to cry himself to sleep (a personal parenting avoidance). In fact, I think he likes the feeling of having his own space now and being able to do it. Although, he’s still my baby. Tonight, after giving a detailed account of my plans for after I left his room, the sweet lamb insisted I line up his entourage of “cuddlies” along the wall beside him in bed to keep him company. I’m so relieved as I know this will be really helpful once pea-3 comes.

3…Chewed copious amounts of ice

It’s back with a fierceness unmatched…the ice chewing habit. This tooth-cracking habit comes at around six months of pregnancy for me and goes away about four months after the baby comes. I’ve checked into the pica bit. My blood work is fine, stellar even. Who knows. I guess it’s one way to increase my water intake. Did you know there’s an Ice Chewers’ Bulletin? Yikes.

And oh, there are more but I’ll save those for another post…

Happy Annunciation…hope you enjoyed your fish ;)


8 thoughts on “the bun in my oven made me do it!

  1. XeniaKatie

    congrats on Basil’s bedtime! That’s VERY ENCOURAGING to me, as a mom with similar views on AP-ing. Like I said on Lauren’s blog, I recently struggled with the concept of sharing sleep, and I kind of panicked and tried to kick V. out of our bed… but I’m now realizing that I’m OKAY with her being in our bed, even if it is for another year or so. If the transition will happen eventually, then I don’t need to stress about it now.

    Again, very encouraging! :) Congrats on the birth bath and the… ice… chewing…? How much further until “pea-3” comes? (I love that by the way)

  2. lauren s.

    Yay! Very encouraging indeed, good for you Sara! :)

    I did the ice thing my last pg, but it hasn’t kicked in for me this time. Could be because we never have any ice though, and when I was pg last time, we lived with my parents whom have a glorious ice maker on their fridge that shoots out the best crushed ice ever. I do have a wee bit of a iron deficiency though.

    Have fun nesting! We’re almost there!

  3. papa herman

    1. o i am so out of it… i read stock tank and i thot fish tank… and then i thot, why is Sara going to put the baby in a fish tank? to wash? then i continued on and it was all made clear.

    2. congrats to Basil (and to you and Aaron also) on the bedtime gig! we still get Andrew making his appearance from time to time at the side of our bed.

    3. my wife currently is chewing ice, a friend told her it was due to not enough iron. i like chewing ice too from time to time, but usually when it is accompanied by snow cone flavoring.

    blessings to your growing family!!

  4. Susan Sophia

    I’m so excited for Basil…big brother, big boy! Now…for Juliana? :) Remember I told you we had 2 boys for nearly a year with us. That’s enough to make anybody decide differently.


  5. sara

    XK, glad to be encouraging :) Isn’t parenting the hardest thing you’ve ever done? So many choices and corners to turn. Thankfully, they’re resilient and God is good. I have a link for you on night weaning…very gentle but it works…I’ll email it to you.

    Lauren, ice ice baby. All I have is plastic trays. I melt them under hot water before chomping. Crushed is the best and those snowball ones some restaurants have. mmmm. lucky for your teeth you haven’t had the urge.

    Mimi and Papa Herman…good to know “normal” people chew ice too.

    SS, actually, J is in the toddler bed next to me. That’s what we did with Basil and it seemed to work well. I’m toying with the idea of helping her learn to fall asleep on her own for those nights when Aaron won’t be home. I think it wouldn’t be too traumatic at this point. :)

  6. annie

    Yum, ice!
    Well, I am making my way back to blogland. I’ve been checking in with others’ blogs but a dying computer has been keeping me from posting. That and well, it’s been so long, where do I begin..
    Anyways, I think it’s great you found someone to buy a tub with. I am actually using a birth center with this baby and it is the only place in San Diego that offers water birth. I am very excited about that option and plan to use it.
    We, too, are dealing with some sleep transition issues. Johnny was moved to a toddler bed (big boy bed a couple months ago and that went okay. Today I actually moved it out of our room. We dont’ let him cry or anything and he has been sleeping all night, so…we’ll see. I took a lot of interest in your comment to Lauren because we are working on Johnny letting Evan put him to bed. It’s just SO much easier when I do it and takes half as long..I’m feeling like I need to work on some of these things BEFORE the new baby comes. It is hard, I think it was encouraging for Evan to know he’s not the only dad who’s son didn’t want him putting him to bed. Anyways, hope you are well. I’ll blog soon! (when our new computer arrives-hurray for tax returns)

  7. belladonna

    I did home birth with a midwife, but not the water way. Two days before my son was born I was wadling with paint rollers to transform the room where I would give birth – just couldn’t imagine a baby coming into the world that looked puke green. So I made it a lovely shade of azure and my son (now 30) still likes blue the best.

    Many blessings to you as you prepare for inviting this new spirit into your family.


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