a speedy delivery

My utterly sad and scrummy lack of thankfulness was banished this morning as the fedex truck pulled up to our house. We beheld the big purple box we’ve been waiting for. As the driver kindly placed it on the porch he made sure I wasn’t going to lift it into the house. With a chuckle, I said I wouldn’t, then thanked him.

The kids came pouring out of the house and we emptied the box, assembled the front wheels, attached the canopy, packed a snack, put on our shoes and headed out into the clear warmth of the morning. Nothing like a new stroller to get you going.

Let me tell you, the smooth ride and stiff construction made all the difference on the uphill climb I usually dread. The birds seemed to chirp more cheerily and the flowers in the passing yards bloomed more brightly.

Our former chariot was a hand-me-down from a friend which was pretty tattered when we got it. But it served us well and we liked the caboose design so much that we chose a very similar design on the new one. This one was also gifted to us, this time by beloved family members (I won’t steal their crowns, if you know what I mean).

All this to say God is good. He provides for our needs and beyond. He blesses even his grumpiest children. I needed this reminder and it was speedily delivered.

So, if you happen to be driving down Harbor Boulevard, through our neighborhood, or plan to visit our nearby coffee spot (yes the green beast) soon. Look for us, we’re the crazy family with the two toddlers and hugely pregnant woman pushing the posh stroller, for which we are very grateful.


5 thoughts on “a speedy delivery

  1. Sean

    Wow! That thing is cool. Uhh, I mean joovy. Thanks be to God.

    I like how you went out of the house, assembled the stroller, attached the canopy, packed a snack, and THEN put on your shoes. I guess I come from a narrow and sheltered background of putting shoes on first and then conquering the world.

    Though I bet the kids loved it. :P

  2. lauren s.

    I’ve been looking at that same stroller and keep hemming and hawing. How does it fit in your car?

    Stroller shopping has been stressing me out WAY more than it should. Glad you like the new wheels though.

  3. bluecanopy Post author

    lauren, i like it…it’s not super lightweight but it does fit fine in the trunk of our camry even with other things in there. I really like the design. I definitley like it better than a regular double stoller. The stand option is so nice. Plus, there’s a strap and seat in the back so they can really be sitting, strapped in if that’s what you want. Good luck!


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