I believe today marks 36 weeks of pregnancy…

Now I can officially deliver at home if I go into labor, although early labor is unlikely seeing as though the last two baked until 42 weeks!

Now I can start worrying about the amount of unfinished projects left on my “nesting list”.

Now I can start taking the Red Raspberry Leaf Combo which strengthens and prepares the uterus.

Now I can dream about sleeping on my back again as the day is in the more foreseeable future.

Now I can have the privilege of visiting the bathroom at least once an hour.

Now I can actually see the outline of feet move across my upper abdomen.

Now I can eat that third helping of dinner out of actual hunger and not indulgence.

Now I can wait and pray and try to decide on a name.

For soon I will be holding this little guy and I won’t even care about the laundry piles or the unfinished paint job or that the flower box under the front window is still empty…just cuddling and nursing and resting. Soon. Soon. Soon.


9 thoughts on “soon

  1. Linsey


    I think about you often. And lurk your blog now and again. I am so proud to call you friend no matter how often I see or talk to you. You are in my prayers.
    What a special family you have. So eager to see the new cute-ness to come outta ya!

    Linsey and Liam the Lion

  2. annie

    Wow! Soon, indeed! How exciting, makes me feel like I still have a long road ahead of me, but I suppose it will zip on by with the busy days. I hope you can enjoy the last few weeks of the pregnancy and prepare all you need for this new Plew. Can’t wait to see him, and find out his name.
    I will be praying for a safe, peaceful delivery and a healthy, happy little guy.

  3. papa herman


    you reminded me of that first time i ever saw one of our children move while in utero –wild!!

    you and your unborn one are in my prayers.

  4. bluecanopy Post author

    linsey, hi! i’m so glad you commented…hope you are well. hey, we need to start park days again, what happened??!! oh yeah, life ;) you need to start a blog you can display all of your craftiness.

    annie, you’re due in november, right? i’m sure having johnny has made this pregnancy go by so much more quickly than his!! your prayers are very appreciated.

    ph, thank you for your prayers.

  5. bluecanopy Post author

    Oops, sorry ’bout that, Annie. August is very soon! Bummer, we’ll be down in SD the last weekend in August and wanted to visit you and your parish. Maybe you’ll be back by then….or still hanging around for that matter :)

  6. Susan Sophia

    This actually brought tears to my eyes.
    Beautifully written!
    I’m so excited for you! And wish I was nearby!



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