a hunting we will go

We have been forced by certain situations, ahem, to become a minivan-fam. Three carseats just do not fit in the back of a Saturn Wagon no matter how spacious it seems. Alas, we have begun the selling process of the old and the searching process for the new. With three or so weeks left and in in true last minute Plew fashion (these ones at least), we are hoping and trusting that the right people will click on the right ad, jot down the right stickered numbers, or talk to the right friend at the right time. And as usual, it will.

In the meantime, we are on the trail with the bloodhounds unleashed. Pray for us if you think of it.


14 thoughts on “a hunting we will go

  1. christina

    we bought a kia sedona and really like it. no bells and whistles (that means no dvd player with wireless headphones for the kids… the salesman actually tried to sell one to us with that being the selling point… we just looked at him and laughed:)

    we went with a salesman to look at one and it turned out to be $3000 less than what was in their salesbook so we bought it on the spot. it’s a 2005.

  2. lauren s.

    oooh, happy shopping! fyi, we were looking for while at honda odysseys (like 3-5 years old) and when we researched them found they have a major tranny problem. not sure about newer ones though. good luck!

  3. Susan Sophia

    We started with the Dodge Caravan when #3 was on the way 6 years ago and love it. Totaled it and got exactly the same thing knowing we were happy. My mechanic brother says they are #1 American made.
    We have no bells and whistles. Both deals were “internet only” eals and were well below sticker. If you search yahoo auto’s you’ll see many dealers list “internet only” prices. Call or email them and it’s yours. We always bought used. My brothers advice on the caravan was to make sure it’s at least a 3.3ltr.

    You are in our prayers.

  4. simply victoria

    oooh, a minivan. how chic! how glamourous! there’s no turning back now, eh? actually, I think we bought a minivan when our third was on the way too. there is just no avoiding it with such a sizeable brood.
    happy hunting! and good luck selling the old.

  5. Michelle McCallum

    We have a mini-van and I always said that I would never get one, BUT I love it! We have a Mercury Villager (98). I highly recommend these cars. Our is 9 years old and has 141,500 miles on it and is still in perfect condition. They are known for being able to last for a long time. So if you are wanting to buy some used or older, I would recommend one. Good luck!

  6. Linsey

    That is too funny! The last couple of days I have been obsessed with minivan browsing. I want to trade in the subaru but we are waiting til we have paid off the interest…i think that’s what Billy said to do….? I love the Toyota Sienna. Billy and I drove one around Va and N.C. and it rocked!
    Embrace it my friend!

  7. Arielle

    Oh, man, I want a minivan. We wrestled three car seats into my nannymobile (an old Volvo) and I want to scream every time I wrestle all three kids into it. The dad originally wanted to disable the airbags and put one in the front, but I totally balked at that. We needed a third car when the mom got a new job further away (i.e. we don’t drive her to work anymore) and I kept hinting at a minivan, but they got a…wait for it…Mazda MIATA for the mom! A car that NO kids can ride in! What the heck. Now he’s talking about a pickup truck. Double what the heck.

    My cousin (with one baby so far, but wants LOTS. There a “as many as God gives us” couple) just got a minivan from her father in law, who told her, “now don’t feel like you have to fill it up TOO quickly!”

    Now that you’re about 37 weeks, I will be checking your blog daily, just so you know :)

    OH (sorry, longest comment ever) I just posted something on my blog that I’d love for you to weigh in on. Seems like a subject you’d have good advice on :)

  8. aaron

    Lauren, thank you for the heads up regarding the Odyssey. I researched the issue you warned us about, and have confirmed they have several issues with the transmission in the years we were interested in. Thank you again!

  9. bluecanopy Post author

    Wowie, thanks for all of the input. As an update…the Saturn is detailed and listed and sitting in our driveway holding onto that “new car” smell they sprayed.

    Now for waiting…..

  10. jamesofthenorthwest

    I would suggest a 1973 3/4 ton GMC pickup with lawn chairs welded in the back. Then a simple application of two strands of duct tape placed back to back make for a fantastic seat restraint system.


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