Sara’s belly reaches the exact height of the kitchen counter causing annoying hunching, sideways twisting, torso banging, grumbling and soreness when washing dishes.


Dig out those clogs with the 1 1/2 platformish sole and rise to new heights now able to scrub and rinse with a custom-fit belly rest in place.

Sometimes I surprise myself.  Next I’ll be singing and dancing to “Tequila” on the counter tops while everyone cheers.

Here’s to a solution-filled weekend


4 thoughts on “genius

  1. momma

    Always a quandry at that stage…with you, I remember digging a hole in the sand late summer, tucking you and my belly under the coolness of the sandy hole, enjoying a nap on the beach on my stomach…pure happiness!

  2. annie

    Well, I see you get your clever belly solutions from your momma. You are reminding me of what I have to look forward to in the coming weeks; not fitting in booths at restaurants, no longer being able to bend over and tie my own shoes and my all time favorite, laughing everytime I give someone a hug because of how ridiculously far apart we remain.


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