Still here…no labor to speak of.  Everything’s ready and I’m finally feeling like I’m getting in the mindset.  He does seem to have descended a bit lower into my pelvis, at least it feels like there’s a LOT more room near my diaphragm.

Last week it all seemed a bit overwhelming.  I started wondering if somehow my luck would run up this time, after having had two healthy happy births and babies.

But then I remembered…i don’t believe in luck ;)

Almost there and he’s almost here.


13 thoughts on “update

  1. Arielle

    Yay! Come on baby! I have a list of pregnant or newly-delivered women I pray for, and you are certainly on it!

    My mom and my aunt used to worry that their luck would run out. Ten kids later between them, with no birth complications, c-sections, autism, birth defects, or anything else, they realized the futility of worrying :)

    I am re-reading the book “Babycatcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife” (recommended by Mimi!) and if you haven’t read it, you should! You’d love it.

  2. aaron

    Thank you ALL for your prayers…I really appreciate them.

    Mimi, it is a boy…unless the ultrasound tech was wrong which is possible :)

    Arielle, thanks for bringing up that book….Ive heard of it but not yet read it good to remember….heard good things about it.

  3. lauren s.

    I’m going to confess to you that I woke up this morning, completely devastated that I didn’t go into labor last night. How silly, huh? And my due date isn’t until Saturday, which I am sure will come and go, with no sight of the baby. This waiting stuff sure stinks. But it does have me praying more…

  4. sara

    Lauren, bummer…ok so you’re Saturday and I’m next Friday.

    I would suggest a race but seeing how we have little control, maybe it’s not such a good idea!

    Almost there…….

  5. Mimi

    I didn’t know that, whohooooo! (not that I don’t like girls, I just have more experience (ok only experience) birthing boys).

    I do love that book, it’s fascinating.

  6. annie

    Can’t wait to see pictures of two healthy baby boys soon! ( lauren and sara)
    Maybe the fact that you two are having boys means I’ll be the one having a girl. Not knowing is killing me!
    Anyways, I am really excited for both of you.

  7. christina

    So i couldn’t find an email address on your blog so I will try to answer your questions here.
    We have a 2005 Kia Sedona LX. I like it. We test drove a bunch of mini vans and Paul felt that this was the most solid. IT doesn’t get great gas mileage (compared to our Subaru Impreza) but I don’t think any minivan gets great gas mileage (I don’t remember exact numbers… something like 22 on hwy and 18 in city I believe). We do not have any bells and whistles (meaning no DVD player for the kids. I’m sure they are bummed:) We do have to roofrack which DH things makes the car more manly?!?!? I’m not sure you can make a minivan “manly” (he wanted to get an SUV but I am too practical for that). The dealer tried to sell us a Honda, saying that it has better resale value, but I told him that we weren’t planning on selling this vehicle. Ours seats 7, which is enough for us. we only have two children and no more coming (too much of a risk for my health, i think when you start giving up organs for a baby it just gets to be a bit much) so 7 seats is more than enough. I like that I can put my stroller in the van.
    I hope this helps. the honda was really nice but a comparable vehicle was $8000 more than a Kia.
    Kali Leftheria (good freedom… literally… it’s what the greeks say… freedom from pregnancy? freedom from carrying around the extra weight? not sure.)

  8. annie

    Hey Sara!
    Just read Aarons’ blog and realized today was the big graduation day. I remember how good that felt when Evan finished his bachelors, it requires a lot of work and sacrifice from the whole family. So you deserve a congratulations, as well. Enjoy the day!

  9. Michelle

    This is such an exciting time of year! It seems like everyone is having babies. I hope your little guy comes soon! I only have 76 days until my due date and I can’t wait!

  10. bluecanopy Post author

    Christina….thank you for your response! I think we’ve decided to go with the toyota sienna. Gas mileage and repair costs seemed to be good, plus we’ve found a good deal on one through a private party…hopefully it will go through. :)

    Annie…thanks for the congrats! We had a great day.

    Michelle…How exciting, you’re almost there :)


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