the queen

Has anyone seen it? We watched it last night and I found myself so enthralled…the way it portrays HRM…so stoic, purposeful, and dignified.

I wonder how true to life the personification was. The way the life and ways of the Royal family so oddly collide with modernization is fascinating. It’s amazing to me that such an institution has survived within the country.

The one thing I still don’t understand…never have and may never…is the hysteria surrounding Princess Diana. So bizarre! I’ve never been one to appreciate celebrity mania, in fact it makes me a little green.

If you get a chance, give it a looksie. Check out the commentary given by Queen Elizabeth’s biographer, very interesting.


4 thoughts on “the queen

  1. Liz in Seattle

    sf and I saw it in the theatre. Helen Mirren was stunning (as always, but this time even more so). She truly deserved that Oscar.

    It’s about as close to a must-see film as I’ve seen in a long time.


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