prayers please

Tomorrow at  noon I’m going to see my midwife.  The plan is for her to do a “Foley bulb induction”.  I’ll spare you the details but you can do a search on it if you’re interested.  It’s a non-chemical and only mildly invasive way to strongly encourage loabor :)  Sort of a pleasant alternative to the castor oil I’ve taken in the past.

So with that said….please pray for us.  For the labor, the baby, Aaron, the kids…the whole deal.

Thank you and we’ll keep you posted!!


8 thoughts on “prayers please

  1. lauren s.


    Come out, Baby Boy Plew!!

    BTW, my best friend from high school just finished her women’s health Nurse Practioner schooling, and when she worked with midwives, she said those Foleys worked very, very well!

  2. victoria

    our prayers are with you.
    I just heard through the grapevine (aka: facebook)
    that congratulations are in order!
    welcome baby simeon!
    I hope all went well!


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