cameras cannot swim




Hopefully this one will never have to find out first hand that cameras cannot swim.

So the settings were off a bit and they came out grainy and orangey, still exploring this thing…the subjects are all ok though :)

Simeon is chubbing up and the sibblings can’t get enough of him…do they make protective baby bubbles?


15 thoughts on “cameras cannot swim

  1. Susan Sophia

    how is it that dawn commented in the future?? LOL

    SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!

    I want to hold him!
    Smell that beautiful baby smell!

    Yeah for new cameras.

  2. Susan Sophia

    oh, and no protective baby bubbles…but he’ll grow one over time. He’ll be the toughest of them all!

  3. Liz in Seattle

    Maybe wordpress is on Eastern Daylight Time…

    I feel the need to smooch! And I’m with Sue…breathe deeply and smell. Can you mail it to Seattle? No, not THAT smell ;-)

  4. lauren s.

    Oh, so glad you got a new camera. Love pictures of those darling Plew kids. And Simeon, I do believe looks like his mama, no?

    I’m all for protective bubbles – for babies and cameras.

  5. papa herman

    A beautiful threesome!

    If Simeon is anything like our third one, he will give the older two a run for their money…. They will be wanting the protective bubble :)

  6. Arielle

    Man, I wish we lived near each other. We could have playdates. Your three remind me so much of the three I live with and take care of (I’m never sure what to call these children I live with and care for 45 hours a week. “My kids” isn’t right. “My charges” doesn’t sound right either). Mine are 4, 2, and 3 months – how old are your three now?

    You have some beautiful children there, Sara :)

  7. sara

    I’ve never noticed that about the comments before…gotta look into it :)

    I’ve heard S looks like me. I can’t tell yet. he still has that squished newbie look to me!

    PH…Basil still talks about Andrew, in fact since he hates getting his hair cut he always tells me he wants long hair like that “little boy andrew”.

    Arielle…Basil will be 4 in September, Juliana is 2 next month and Simeon is a whopping 2 weeks old….i had no idea you lived with the kids…so they are pretty much “your kids”, that’s crazy! As for the playdate, your place or mine?

  8. Arielle

    Wow, they really are close in age – Avri turned four just last week, Carmeli turned 2 a week before that, and Eden was born at the end of February.

    We’ll take turns hosting the playdates…as soon as we figure out how to zap ourselves over 2700 miles :)

    In that first picture, Juliana reminds me so much of Carmeli.


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