not so magic mommy eyes

No new pictures today…our new camera was accidentally picked up last weekend by a family friend who thought it was theirs. Oy!

Simeon’s sleeping on my leg right now (which is falling asleep)…Basil’s brushing my hair, making me “pretty” and Juliana is trapsing around the living room with a stuffed racoon and an ear thermometer.

Mornings are the second hardest part of my day right now. Everyone needs something. The kids want breakfast and cleaning up, baby needs his things, I want to talk to Aaron while he’s geting out the door and I’m trying to think of things to do to give me a little incentive to jump start my day. Caffine sure helps, thanks to Aaron’s graduation gift. But it’s still a struggle for me.

I’ve realized I need to be proactive…make a plan. The best mornings happen when I get up before the kids and get myself dressed and ready to face the day…morning prayers is a necessary addition. This would probably mean getting to bed a bit earlier. Also having a plan for the day would give the structure and purpose I yearn for. Basically, I need to get back into the groove of mom-dom and adjust my Rule to fit our/my new needs.

Anyway, it was good to put that out there. Hopefully it will get me moving.


As for magic mommy eyes…

Yesterday I told Basil I know what he’s doing even when my back is turned. Which is mostly true because he tends to do the same mischevious things over and over like sneaking things in the kitchen, etc. He asked how I knew. Yes, I gave him the eyes in the back of my head line, jokingly of course thinking it was OBVIOUS that I really had no such things.

Just now as he was beautifying (read abusing and mangling) my head he was poking aroung saying “I don’t see your magic mommy eyes in here…where are they? Can you show them to me?”

Ah the sweet innocency of pre-operational literalism.


8 thoughts on “not so magic mommy eyes

  1. momma

    That’s precious!! I wonder what your response was to his question??

    This reminds me (uh oh…a story about Sara…it’s not too embarrassing!!…remember this one??) when you were very young and had something you were trying to make a decision about (what exactly escapes my memory right now..). I suggested that you “sleep on it”, and that the answer you were searching for might be clearer to you in the morning. I discovered the next morning that you had written your thought down on a piece of paper, slipped it under your pillow, to “sleep on it”!

  2. Michelle

    That’s a cute story– so is the one from “momma”. :)

    I know that I am definitely going to have to get up before my kids as soon as this second one is born. There is just no way that I will ever be able to get myself ready if I don’t. I have had a hard enough time with one! I guess that isn’t much longer… :)

  3. lauren s.

    I’m terrible at getting up before the kids. I rarely do. But you’re right, it does make the day go so much more smoothly. Must think about this.

  4. Mimi

    Bwahahhahahaha! I love it.

    Time will heal mornings, but I agree that having a written plan will help. My mornings work better with a routine.

  5. Erica

    Boy, you have bad camera luck. :) It’s good you’re proactive. I know how it is to get stuck in a dreary rut and not know really how to get out. I used to really hate Saturdays, they would go by so slowly for me for various reasons. I had chores, Sean always worked so I wouldnt be able to see h im/call him all day, my friends never had time to hang out, the families I would babysit for had their daddy’s home and they didnt need me, etc.

    I remember you giving me some advice when I told you about that. You advised me to do something active or with my hands to keep myself physically busy. I’ve taken up a few hobbies that give my day some purpose and help me to relax. I meant to tell you that a while ago, thanks by the way!

    Also, I really love your daily routine. I’ve seen the routine on your refrigerator it’s pretty good. I’ve stashed the idea in the recesses of my brain for later.

  6. Susan Sophia

    Routine will come.

    But you know, we’ve talked, we are a lot a like and both need that structure but yet find it difficult to keep. My prayers are with you as you learn what works now with the new addition. Know that you are not alone. Just add one new item at a time to the routine and slowly it will fall into place. Over the last several years this is what I’ve discovered. Slowly, the routine has fallen into place.

    Don’t be too hard on yourself.


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