scent recall

Warm, half-day-old cow’s milk…always  specified as such in our house to avoid confusion with other kinds, ie. mamma’s milk, soy milk, vanilla milk.

Recall:  Opening a plastic lunchbox thermos full of it and drinking it from the little lid/mug, of course.

Remind me not to do that to my kids and chalk it up as another plus for homeschooling.


2 thoughts on “scent recall

  1. lauren s.

    Oh nostalgia – just reminded me of my She-ra lunch box and matching thermos. And when I got too old for it, I started taking brown bags to lunch that my mom would sneak a heart stamp and a message like “I love you” or “thinking of you” on the inside of it so I wouldn’t be embarassed. Also reminded me of my lunch I always ate – a bologna sandwich with butter – yes butter because I hated mayo at the time, and vienna sausages. Sick huh? Think I got enough processed leftover meat products? :)

  2. aaron

    ha! Lauren, sounds like the way my grandmother always made sandwiches. She would put butter on the bread before anything else on any type of sandwich. PB+J on buttered bread, Tuna on buttered bread, you name it, if it was a sandwich with or without mayo, the bread was buttered first.

    I remember having a Japanese friend who brought bento box lunches that I thought were so gross. Today, i’d have the exact opposite opinion, “Sushi for lunch everyday, hell yes.”


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