the churching of simeon and mom

I feel totally technological now…I’ve uploaded a video on you tube, coooooool.

Here we are…the Orthodox churching service is really touching. In it the mother and child are officially welcomed back into the church and community 40 days (traditionally) after the birth of the baby. This parallels the presentation of Christ in the temple, which took place 40 days after His birth. The short service takes place during Divine Liturgy. Although the exact practice varies, at St. Barnabas the mother and infant are joined at the back of the nave by the priest whom they follow to the front of the church. The priest then takes the baby and circles around the altar as the choir and people sing the Prayer of St. Simeon, who welcomed the infant Christ in the same manner.

Sorry you can only see our backs, c’est la vie.


8 thoughts on “the churching of simeon and mom

  1. Susan Sophia

    Thank you for sharing! That is so neat! I LOVED that when Joseph and I were churched and I get teary every time I see it! It is SO BEAUTIFUL!

  2. annie

    I love prayer of St. Simeon. So beautiful! From what I could see, you look fantastic! And the recent pics of the kids are adorable .

  3. Mimi

    Oh my goodness! Wow! It’s so neat to see you in 3D! I have to admit, I always tear up when the priest holds the baby, sings the prayer of St. Simeon, and then, sniff sniff puts the baby on the steps for the mother to pick up. Sob!


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