newly illumined

Wednesday night we had a dual baptismal service for Beniy’s daughter, Elenora and our Simeon.  They were born on the same day and baptized on the same day…pretty cool :)


Here’s the little guy about to go in… he did very well and was awake the whole time checking everything out.


Here is Simeon and his godfather, Sean Reagan.

Fr. Micheal (Sean’s dad) baptized Simeon.  Fr. Wayne and Fr. Paul Waisanen also served.  It really was a beautiful service.


Simeon’s baptismal gown…linen with an embroidered three bar cross.  it came out very homemade looking but worked well.


AND, the newly illumined himself!  Many years Simeon Joseph!


5 thoughts on “newly illumined

  1. Susan Sophia

    How lovely!!!
    Many, Many Years to you Simeon Joseph!

    What a beautiful gown. Do each of your children have their own?


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