camping in san simeon

So we ventured out with the brood and had a blast. It was admittedly hard work at times but the fact that the kids LOVED it made it all worthwhile. Ok, I enjoyed it too…toasting marshmallows alone with Aaron under a starlit sky, gathering stones on the beach, picking and eating wild blackberries…well you get the idea. Ahhhh summer.


11 thoughts on “camping in san simeon

  1. Susan Sophia

    This is the coolest thing!!!
    The pictures are so fun!
    Thank you for sharing.
    I’m glad you had a good time. We didn’t do camping from the time Kelsey was 2(I was then pregnant with Charissa) till Joseph was 2.
    You are brave!

  2. christina

    Pavlos went on his first camping trip when he was 3 months old. Petros went on his first camping trip when he was 6 months old. This is our “big” camping trip summer. We have camped three times so far (this doesn’t count the four days we spent on a lake because we stayed in cabins… but we did roast marshmellows and had a campfire and DH went fishing so it was like camping, just sleeping in a bed:) and we have one more trip planned (although I can see DH adding another trip, maybe labor day?!?!).

    Anyway, a lot of writing to say that we “heart” camping. And the kids love it also. And it is a lot of work, esp. for mommy, but so worth it when the kids want to go back and that’s all Pavlos talks about (when are we going camping again? can we go camping?, etc.)

  3. lauren s.

    We (Hannah and I) loved the pictures. Our favorite is Basil painted with mud. Hannah said, shaking her head and chuckling, “OH BASIL! He’s all dirty!” Like a predictable old friend of hers!

    Camping with a newborn must be hard(ER) work! Yikes. Glad you all had good time.

  4. Liz in Seattle

    We just got back from our annual Cape Disappointment trip, which Susan & James started a number of years ago (hopefully they can come along next year). Cape Disappointment is the very, very lower left of Washington, on the corner with the Columbia. Would love to have you guys there too!

  5. papa herman

    I see that you captured a picture of a rare sighting… a man reading a roadmap.

    All of us men have them, it is just rare when we actually use them; prefering to use the words: “Oh, I know the way…” even when obviously lost.


  6. Liz in Seattle

    Hee hee! Steve actually stopped as well, when the Yahoo directions were unclear (new route). Maybe our boys are starting a revolution…

  7. bluecanopy Post author

    ahhh yes directions. this is a cool atlas. we were, in fact, looking for a campground to stay in to break up the drive…that’s a whole other story….

  8. Linsey

    we just got back from a camping trip in the western sierras. and liam had a camping 3rd birthday party up there as well. soooo fun. we need to do coastal camping next. and next year there will be 2 kiddos! so excited. the work that goes into 3 little ones must be worth it. love it. love the photos!


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