plew chronicle ~ fun was had


My cousins, Katie and Susanne came to stay with us for a while…they were a big help and we all had a good visit. The kids really miss them, especially Basil.


This little piggy had been chowing down moments before this was taken, luckily I managed to sneak him out of the zoo undetected.

J and Sue at the park. Come on in.


I couldn’t resist this woman warrior shot with the sword and cape duo…I never had brothers and I love that she does and I love that my boys have a sister. Somehow I don’t think I would be as quick to shoot if Basil was in her tutu and heels…not the same effect. Sorry, double standard, I know.

Happy Friday.


6 thoughts on “plew chronicle ~ fun was had

  1. katie

    i like these pictures :) i miss u guys i cant wait to come and visit again. Thanx for letting us hang out with u guys :)

  2. annie

    How Fun! What park is that? Looks like a great place.
    Loved the camping photos, too. I’ve always wanted to make my way up to San Simeon and camp near the beach. Glad you guys had a nice time.
    The kids are adorable!

  3. papa herman

    We need more strong women role models for todays youth, I am glad your wee one is blazing the way for the women of tomorrow!! :)

    Your comment regarding Basil and the tutu reminded me of one of the first times I saw one of my kids friends; he dressed was in a beautiful pink tutu that he had retrieved from the play area at his grandmothers house. Fun memory, especially seeing him as an 11 year old skater boy now.

  4. bluecanopy Post author

    Katie…We loved having you…come back soon :)

    Annie…we were actually at the Santa Ana Zoo in the first photo and just a plain ‘ole local park in the second. We love that zoo, it’s small enough to take your time in and the kids love to just hang out there. They have a TON on monkeys.


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