feeling hot hot hot

so yeah, it’s like really hot.

so hot the ac is on.

so hot the kids don’t want to go out and play in the giant octopus sprinkler.

so hot I can’t think of what to make for dinner.

so hot the nursing babe is a sticky sweatball.

so hot it makes me glad I don’t live somewhere like, um Arizona.

so, how’s the weather in your neighborhood?


10 thoughts on “feeling hot hot hot

  1. Linsey

    since im about a 10 min. drive from you, I too am hot. and for whatever reason I decided to bake cookies today and I have no AC. wait, i know why i did that, the baby growing inside me made me do it!…and it’s so hot that who cares if it gets hotter because cookies are great at night, sitting by the window with some ice cold milk!

  2. Elizabeth

    Cool! It’s cool here in Portland OR. We started church camp yesterday and I had to put on a sweatshirt at 4 pm! Today is warmer, sunny, but still nice, upper 70s. Weird August weather!

  3. Mimi

    I hate the heat, ugh, ugh, ugh. I’ve had sticky babies, and sticky mes. Ugh.

    (I’m actually with Pres. Elizabeth, it’s lovely cool here now. Come visit!)

  4. Susan Sophia

    It’s currently dark, in the mid 60’s.

    But today was beautiful!!! Sunny and bright, with puffy clouds moving in now and again. An actually perfect summer day. Breezy and warm, but not too warm.

    Come on up!


  5. momma

    We’re lucky this only happens a couple of days a year, I loved holding sticky Simeon today and B & J…and you, always leave me with a smile in my heart to last months of heat waves… :)

  6. lauren s.

    So hot, indeed. So hot, we deviated from our normal A.M. routine of leisurely sipping coffee, reading, catching up on news, playing with dominos to get out of the house early and run errands before it became sweltering. We are now hiding out inside with A/C and movies.

  7. Katie Harris

    ooh how i feel for you southern california’s right now. it’s been mid 70’s all week up here. It got up to a scorching 77 on sunday!!!

    come visit. put your feet up. stay a while.


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