new blog link!

Denise, a beautiful and much admired woman whose family recently moved from our parish to the community of Eagle River Alaska, has started a blog! I’m glad she did…now we can keep in touch.

Check out the moose she spotted in her yard!

From the Burrow

Apparently their home resembles the Weasley Burrow, hence the name :)
Welcome to the blogosphere Denise!


3 thoughts on “new blog link!

  1. xenia kathryn

    Hey, thanks for the new blog link! I love your blog roll and use it often for my own ‘net surfing :)
    Speaking of blogrolls… to answer your question, I just never learned how to add links to my sidebar! I’d like to learn! Got any tips?

  2. fromtheburrow

    Awww, I went to check out your blog – and it was about MY blog. I feel so special! It was great to visit with you briefly on Sunday. You have such a sweet family. Take good care and see you in two weeks.



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