I once heard someone speaking about creating being intrinsic to us as human beings, and that the act of making something beautiful can be so utterly fulfilling. He emphasized that this is so because we have been shaped in God’s image, the Creator of all. This basic fact has been nudging me along recently. True, almost activity, even those not usually associated with art per se, can be perceived as or made into a creative outlet…cooking, homemaking, gardening, even sports, etc. But I have a hankering for some good ole fashion “making.”

Today I drew a crude crayon version of St. Basil the Great for my boy, yesterday we drew flowers from the porch, sewing is out because it’s too messy and consumes more space and time than I have right now. Now I readily admit that I am nothing more than mediocre in any arena but still the point is to try it and DO it right?

Some things I’d like to learn or do again:

tile mosaics (have never done this, I’d like to use found things like broken ceramics…maybe I ought to save all of our broken bits)

pottery (joined a co-op studio while in Santa Cruz and took 2 years worth in college…handbuilding would work)

hand embroidery (I know some very basic stitches but I want to learn the really cool beautiful ones)

writing (i used to love to write…cheesy poetry of course and some short stories.  I’ve thought about children’s books…)

breadmaking (once it cools down and I fix my oven)

There are many more but these seem like they could feesibly fit into my life somehow.  By saying this, doing feels like more of a reality.  Ah, well it’s ok if it doesn’t happen this week or this month

What do YOU do or want to learn?


8 thoughts on “creating

  1. Linsey

    I love “making”! Im just so stubborn sometimes and want to make everything using my own patterns and what not (ie: embroidery, dolls, quilts, etc…) and this usually stalls the process of getting a lot “made”. I also love the idea of children’s books. I have couple ideas but they have yet to get it off the ground. My cousin would have her children tell her stories they made up and she would illustrate and write them out for them! She was so talented and creative.

  2. lauren s.

    I’d like to knit better and something other than scarves. I’d also really like to crochet and make pretty flowers to pin to things.

    One day I want to learn how to play an instrument to make music. I loved to mess around with the piano as a kid but never pursued it.

    I was talking with my mom one day about all these beautiful blogs you see, whose bloggers are so talented and seem like they can do anything. And she said something similar to you – that women like that aren’t afraid to try. So that’s it Sara – we just have to try and DO it! Ha!

    Heya, beautiful photos of the kids below. They look like the picture of youthful health!

  3. E Rica

    I’d like to learn to play piano and read music really well.
    It would also help if pitches came easily to me.

    I don’t know if this falls under the category of learning but I’d like to run a marathon or a triathlon one day.

    I’d really, really like to learn iconography. I’m giving it a try but I have too many things going on right now for me to pick a class or go to a workshop.

    I’d like to learn to bake a fancy wedding cake. That sounds like so much fun.

    One last thing, I’d like to learn to sew so I could make some clothing or whatnot.

  4. xenia kathryn

    I like what Lauren has to say about trying. I get so awestruck with these women bloggers! But it’s true… I just need to try it.

    I would like to get my grandma’s sewing machine (that was promised to me) out of storage and sew!

    I’d also like to just paint more and get my illustrations published in a book somehow. So… I already have the skills, it’s just the motivation and time I’d like…!

    Keep on creating, Sara! You can do it!

  5. momma

    i want to really learn to play the guitar so i can sing and play with basil. i also would love to learn about something he really loves and learn it with him.
    i want to discover what juliana loves and learn that with her.
    the same with simeon.
    a more fruitful garden would be nice so i can prepare great meals with my herbs & veggies.
    calligraphy has always been fun and i recently found my old pen set, maybe i can start playing with that again.
    i will soon edit all of our family videos and transfer them to dvd. this is something i’m really looking forward to.
    yoga is also on the list. i have been doing more yoga stretches and they feel great!
    making bread again sounds fun too sara! maybe this is something j would like to do (I bet she’d love it!)

  6. xenia kathryn

    I take it back…. I have more to add! I would love to learn 5 languages:


    So far I’m doing quite poorly…

    I also would love to GARDEN, but I can’t do much of that until I have a yard.

  7. simply victoria

    I love bread making.
    and baking of any sort.

    I love to sew.

    I love to take good pictures.

    I love writing, but don’t make the time I should.
    I had a creative writing teacher in university who said to be a good writer, you had to write every day (EVERY day) for at least an hour.


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