plew chronicle ~ latest headlines


Laughing three-month-old takes over all soft cushion-y surfaces and charms your socks off in the meantime.

Local amateur photographer captures this girl (who is known to prefer lounging in naught but her diaper) in a rare moment of stillness just before trips to the bathroom to unravel the toilet paper roll and to the baby seat to “feed” her brother pretzels and other small snacks.


Recipient of this cool scooter (thanks Grandpa) in honor of his 4TH BIRTHDAY, the wreckless Mr. B shows off his skinned knee. Duuuude sweet ride, eh?


BC, the baby black hooded rat, joined the Plew family on Basil’s birthday as well. His friendly personality and potential for awesome behaviors like “coming when he’s called, like a dog” makes us all hope that he fares better than Timothy, the guinea pig.


…..and a happy weekend to all :)


10 thoughts on “plew chronicle ~ latest headlines

  1. Ali Ganahl

    Happy bday all weekend long! A pet rat? Sara, you are one brave mom! I must say I really enjoyed “ratatouille.” Simeon’s eyes had me at hello : )

  2. xenia kathryn

    What ever happened to Timothy? I forgot…! What does BC stand for? “Basil’s Critter”? “Be Careful”? “Bloated Crocus?”

    You’re kids are so cute. I love your photos, and I like that painting in the background of Simeon’s picture.

  3. lauren s.

    Happy Birthday Basil! Thanks for sharing your paper and colored pencil with Hannah. She really appreciated it, and so did we!!!

    So, who get’s to clean up after B.C.? :)

    Cute pix!

  4. Michelle

    Happy Birthday, Basil! I would not be able to allow my child to have a rat. I would be too afraid!! You are one brave mama.

    I loved this post. It was too cute.

  5. bluecanopy Post author

    ali g…sorry, couldn’t resist :) haven’t seen ratatouille, i’ve heard good things though.

    xk…uh timothy was left out in the sun all day only to be found by a sad boy who thought he was sleeping. i don’t think i blogged about it. i should have…i think aaron did. WHO KNOWS what BC stands for??!! B is into letters right now so i think that explains the odd name choice. i like bloated crocus though. my friend alicia painted that…i like it too :)

    lauren…no prob on that drawing stuff. that’s how basil sits still in cchurch. i thik it really helps him pay attention! he listens while he draws and sometimes i have him draw things he sees…aaron and basil are the cleanup dept on that one. actually his poop is nice little dry turds…not bad!

    michelle…i was pretty reluctant but i like him so far…we’ll see how it goes as he gets bigger and has more of a sewer flair!

  6. Susan Sophia

    Many, Many Years to “Baby Basil” as he WAS so fondly known as in our home for many years ….I can’t believe he’s 4! (If we talk about him and I get empty stares, as in who are you talking about, I have to clarify by saying “baby basil”, it’s funny–we know many Basils)


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