mom jeans

Trying to avoid this but not doing a very good job.

BC update… worked aside from the “mommy, BC got HUGE!” remark.  Oops, so he’s a tad bigger.  Better bigger than smaller!


11 thoughts on “mom jeans

  1. Mimi

    Glad the BC thing worked out, my Dh grew up with rats as pets and giggled at the story.

    And, is it wrong that I look at the mom jeans and think, “sigh, those were comfy”.

  2. lauren s.

    Ha ha hahahahah!

    Sara – I can’t picture you in mom jeans. I’m glad your dubious plan proved succesful. I was worried for you…

    Mimi – Those look SO uncomfortable. How could they be comfy? Didn’t they ride up an awful lot?

    However, I’m completely over those super low rise jeans. Awful. No more crackage!

  3. momma

    one of my favorite SNL segments of all time…..i have tons of pictures from back in the ’80’s where I looked EXACTLY like that – add the poofy hair and the look is pretty funny now :) who ever designed those things must have had it out for moms! classic, thanks for the laugh!

  4. jamesofthenorthwest

    I suppose its because of two reasons:

    1. I have the Y chromosome.
    2. I have little to no fashion sense.
    3. What little fashion sense I do have is completely hinged upon utilitarian principles.

    …that I don’t get “Mom’s jeans.”

  5. Maria Juroe :)

    You write beautiful, sara! Wish I could get my thoughts out so nicely…I just simply ramble! ha, ha. A lot of the young adults at St Barnabas were home schooled when they were young….actually my husband (John-William Juroe) is one of them. =) I think Sean Reagan was too. They all grew up together.

    You’re welcome to check out my bloggy anytime…of course, it’s so way near as well-written as yours =) hee hee.

    Hope you’re doing good!


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