ramblings on life as it stands

With the computer back home from its short visit with the surgeon the kids are reminding me how distracting this humming thing can be.   A packed inbox and a couple weeks worth of blogs to read drew me in.  I definitely have to get back to my “quick checks” in the morning and during naptime.  I’m still trying to get us back into a rhythm and have o constantly remind myself that it’s only been four months since Simeon was born.  Meal planning is going well so that helps, morning “routines” help us to know what to expect, we’re back to our weekly library trip as well so that helps as far as having new and interesting things on hand for the kids. I’m also trying to just enjoy it all because I tend to get caught up in the “doing” rather than slowing down to take in the “being”.

I’m taking this year to sort of investigate and explore homeschooling more, reading and talking to homeschool families, etc. since Basil will be five and kindergarten age next fall.  So far I’m digging a mixture of Charlotte Mason and the classical approach…thankfully Kindergarten is pretty simple so we can just have a lot of fun with it.

Aaron’s new job is a complete blessing.  It’s so nice to get paid regularly, not only for sanity’s sake but it makes budgeting that much easier.  He is really flourishing there and we are SO thankful he was able to get out of the mortgage industry in time.  Plus I never knew commercial batteries could be so interesting…seriously.

Oh and I’m reading Moby-Dick for the first time.   It’s so nicely written.  Each sentence is lovely.  I was convinced it would be a boring, barnacled old sea story but nope.  It’s cool.

So there, some good old fashioned rambling.


6 thoughts on “ramblings on life as it stands

  1. Susan Sophia

    It’s so good to hear from you again! I’ve missed you.

    Glad things seem to be settling into routine.

    I’m no expert in homeschooling and still figuring it out myself but I do know that the early years can be fun if we don’t stress about it too much. Life is learning. Math can be counting trees down the street….counting canned goods as they are put away. Letters are EVERYWHERE. Read, read, read!
    And don’t ever think they are too young to start having classics read outloud while a lego castle is being constructed. Just when you think they aren’t listening, is when they are soaking it all in.

    Welcome back!

  2. Mimi

    I’m so glad Aaron’s job is a blessing! Thanks be to God!

    You know, I read Moby Dick in high school, and hated it. However, I keep thinking I should re-read it, because I think I’m definitely in a different place.

    And, glad you are back!

  3. beniy

    Go Melville! Long live the semi-colon and the expansive non-narrative commentary. I love Moby Dick. Well, the book. Not the whale. Though Moby is a wickedly cool menace of the seas. Yay Sara.

  4. papa herman

    All I know about Moby Dick is the first line “Call me Ishmael..” and that is only because I have heard it quoted on the Jimmy Neutron cartoon that my kids watch.

    A pretty sad commentary on my knowledge of the classics I would admit.

    I did just finish reading “The Chosen” by Chaim Potok… hopefully that redeems me somehow in the book-classic realm. :)


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