if fr. alexander schmemann had had a blog

….it might have been very similar to his journals; which I have read through but pick up to peruse from time to time. Here’s what I read today…

“Tuesday, October 8, 1974

‘It is difficult for the rich…..’ It is quite obvious that at the center of Christianity is the renunciation of wealth, any wealth. The beauty of poverty!–there is also, of course the ugliness of poverty, but there is beauty. Christianity is enlightened only by humility, and by an impoverished heart. Poverty does not consist always of lacking something–that is its ugliness–but in being content with what there is.”

And this…………………..

“Tuesday, October 22, 1974

Cool, transparent, sunny days. Slowly falling leaves. I am always impressed by the sad light of triumphant Fall.”


4 thoughts on “if fr. alexander schmemann had had a blog

  1. bluecanopy Post author

    Go for it Lauren…I had planned on it but can’t find my camera….ahhhh.

    Beniy, definitely. It amazes me how much he seems to simply love living and all that goes with it.


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