you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

After checking the wunderground forecast for the week I’ve realized I just need to let go of my romantic autumnal notions.

Every fall here in the *beautiful* OC, we have these dreadful “Santa Ana” winds which are hot, dry, fiercely fast dust kickers and fire spreaders. Named for the Santa Ana River basin through which they blow, they apparently start out in the mountains, gaining velocity and temperature as they are forced down the slopes and through the valleys. They are my very least favorite type of weather. Crunchy dry carpet, chapped lips, wandering ashes, brown skies, hot hot hot when all you want to do it wear sweaters and socks for crying out loud.  88 degrees in October, Oy vey.

BUT, hope springs eternal.  By the end of the month mornings should be foggy, nights should be chilly and sandals traded in for their closed-toed cousins.  Until then I’ll try to find something to enjoy in this, even if it is just watching (as Basil pointed out) the static sparks created by my pajamas and sheets as I slip into bed…they’re pretty cool.


9 thoughts on “you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

  1. Liz

    Let me know what you find to love about them… We came home yesterday after having left the windows open in the apartment. There was a 1/8 inch think layer of dirt/dust/grime,whatever you want to call it covering everything that had been in the path of the wind blowing through the window. Needless to say I am now out of papertowels…

  2. lauren s.

    Yes, this weather is almost as bad as the triple digit heat of summer.

    *slathers on some more burts bees*

    I don’t want to live here any more. Why does anyone ever want to move here?

  3. Erica

    Yuck Yuck Yuck. I’m bummed out. We’ve gotten through two days so far…we’re making progress.

    When the Santa Ana’s come I basically hide in my house and count the minutes to their departure. I hate hate hate this weather. My mom and I agree that this year has been worse than earlier years.

    I am looking forward to early November…hopefully it will be foggy with a chill in the air.

  4. D. I. Dalrymple

    You have my sympathy, too. We don’t get the Santa Anas in northern California, of course, but after two weeks of off-and-on rain and honest-to-goodness Autumn, we’re now back up into the 80s too. Which makes me angry. Really. But at least we don’t have the wildfires to contend with – yet.

  5. prezeliz

    We’d been having nothing but cold rainy fall days, and I was longing for a beautiful sunny and crisp fall day, and it finally came! It was gorgeous yesterday, and I went for a bike ride, and it’s going to be beautiful for the forseeable future! So if you want great fall weather come to Portland, OR. :-)

  6. Susan Sophia

    Yes, today was an absolutely gorgeous fall day. Not to brag or anything but I was with Pres. Elizabeth in that I had had enough of the rain and cold, it started way too early this year.
    But I’m praying for those in San Diego and surrounding areas. James’ step-sister is in the midst of it all. We received email recently they had 15 minutes to evacuate at 5:15AM just a few days ago. I haven’t heard word since.
    Wish we could share our cool, rainy weather!

  7. papa herman

    Here in Walla Walla we have ‘Chinook Winds’ they usually kick up in the winter– they can melt three weeks worth of snow in about 4 hours.

    They seem to blow only through the Walla Walla Valley, as it appears the snow stays in areas outside of the Valley.

    It is all part of the areas we live in, I guess it is a response to the prayer we pray for “…seasonable weather….” Although they seem out of season and out of place, for the areas we live in they are “seasonable.”


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