what’s in your atomizer?

I’ve been slowly phasing out all of the harsh cleaners from the house, using cheaper, less toxic replacements. A new concoction has made its way into the purple spray bottles I keep in the kitchen and bathroom.

It cleans counters, toilets, crusty spots on tables where two-year-olds sit and even windows and mirrors.

Try the enviro-econo friendly potion yourself (and your kids will LOVE the fact that they can now help scour the toilet bowl).

Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar (I bought a HUGE jug for about $3). Add a few drops of tea tree oil which has antiseptic qualities (another essential oil can be used but beware of the rosemary/vinegar combo…I’ve heard it’s nasty).

Here are more ideas

And here’s a cool book


9 thoughts on “what’s in your atomizer?

  1. Susan Sophia

    I’ve used vinegar water for years! But never thought of adding tea tree oil…that sounds even better.
    Thanks for the tips and links!

  2. Susan Sophia

    Oh….just had to share this with a mother of 3 under 5….after reading the list from the link.
    Isopropyl Alcohol is the most amazing remover of pen/marker and pencil, on just about any surface. That is about the only thing we use it for in the cleaning department. I can’t stand the smell.

  3. sara

    Wait Wait! My kids DON”T scrub the toilet..not yet at least. They do use it on the windows and the dining table, however.

    Can’t wait to delegate the bathroom cleaning chore.

  4. Arielle

    I’ve always wanted to do away with other cleaners and use vinegar and baking soda, but this is my one question that makes me hesitate – I HATE the smell of vinegar (it’s what made me stop my experiment of switching out shampoo for baking soda and a apple cider vinegar rinse). Does cleaning with vinegar make your house smell like pickles?

  5. Katie

    that’s really cool that you’re switching to more natural cleaning products. My husband and I use Seventh Generation everything, and BioKleen for our diapers, and it always makes me feel so much better. It really scares me to use other products around my kids.


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