six happys

Mimi posted six happys and challenged all lads and ladies to do the same. So, with gallant effort, I shall…..

un ~ the long searched for 40 dollar wood armoire found on craigslist

deux ~ new paint colors chosen for crayon and smudge-laden walls

trois ~ strong hot tea in my favorite mug picturing a colorful domestic chinese old gift from A

quatre ~ morning prayers said with wooden blocks, a plastic sword, stuffed animals and pajamaed kids at my feet

cinq ~ a men’s xl t shirt and an empire waisted ribbon transforming one into a princess.

six ~ a cool fresh morning walk with an awkwardly scootering basil following behind me

How about you?


5 thoughts on “six happys

  1. Mimi

    Ooooh, great list! I love those moments of praying with busy kids at one’s feet. Good Craigslisting, and congrats on the Scooter work!

    I am so loving this, I may do it reguarly.

  2. annie

    I found the armoire I wanted on craigslist, too!I love it when that happens! (only 20 bucks, and to think I was actually contemplating spending the $300 they cost new. ach)
    I will post my own “happy’s” tomorrow.
    It’s fun to read these, and I like how specific you are.
    Oh, and I love those beautiful blues on the top of your page!

  3. momma

    happiness is … the simple things …

    ….. little love corners with love-filled memories – pictures of “little girls” sara & kristen at my bedside where i can be with them every day, the “you are my sunshine” stichery, “mommy” stichery pillow, and heart rock that live next to the fireplace and hanging on my living room lamp are the two red hearts on a string made by sara a really long time ago – well now that i really think of it, i have little corners of love all around this place.

    … cozy reading wrapped in an afghan i crocheted when i was about 25, or the soft one sara gave me awhile back. i am especially enjoying a beautiful book sara shared with me recently (very much, thank you sara).

    … hands in rich soil, helping something grow and thrive. pungent green grass, ooh now that is nice.

    … warm sunny and cold rainy/snowy seasons … i love to walk in the rain or feel the snow falling on my face as much as i love jumping in waves and sleeping in the sun) … each brings about a smile and deep sense of wonderment and thankfulness for the earth and its beauty.

    … music … is music to my ears, heart and soul.

    … fun times together making memories and especially making yummy recipes for (and with) people i love … must be dinner time, i’m getting hungry just thinking about it.


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