scaredy cat

I slept soundly, curled beneath the folds of the down comforter between a softly breathing baby and a warm husband. The house was quiet and still…or so I expected.

And then, something distinctly large, soft and deliberate swooshed across my exposed forearm. “Whhhhhhaaaaa!” I shrieked, shaken from my former state. “Mufasa! Get out of here!” They sleek grey cat bounded off of her vivified resting place.

Aaron leaped up, hurdled himself over me and continued to yell short sleepy things at the sneaky neighborhood cat who must have gotten in through the broken part of the screen door earlier that night.

He shooed her out and muttered his way back to bed. We laughed and I sneezed and were glad no children were roused by my hollering.

Drat that cat! I guess it’s a risk you take having a pet rat and a flapping screen door.

A blessed feast and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


3 thoughts on “scaredy cat

  1. E Rica

    Heh heh.

    Once, when I was fast asleep I heard a large thump and then a crash. I looked over a little frightened and saw my cat, Lottie, in my trashcan directly under my window. I guess my cat tried to jump through the closed window and landed into my full trashcan.

    A bright one, she is.


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