enjoy the silence

Ok so maybe that 30 day thing was too big of a project for me to tackle. Maybe someday…maybe I’ll just keep it running randomly when I can.

The real problem is that I ran out of photo memory space on my wordpress account and just haven’t taken the time to buy more!

That, plus the fact that we’ve all had colds and we’re going through a bit of a shift in some parenting things has meant no blogging.

For now, a quick update will have to do :)


4 thoughts on “enjoy the silence

  1. momma

    It is a nice day isn’t it Lauren!
    I felt the silence on your blog meant that you were spending time with your family, family & friends with hopefully a bit of time for you, too. So for me, every day you didn’t post in the 30 days meant something special was happening, it was fun to think of it that way:)


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