it’s advent and i’m tired

We’ve been busy but not busy, does that make sense?

I’ve been trying to get things done like a few christmas gift projects….felt boards for nieces, doorway puppet theaters a few good ole scarves….plus various other gifts for family. Each advent and Lent I try to use as a preparation of my home as well as my heart. This year has been so much more challenging in BOTH areas…three kids is a BIG difference. I feel like I’m always tired, there are always piles and loads of laundry and I have to make way more of an effort to be patience and pleasant. Ahh, I know it’s good for me and it’s definitely stretching and salvific but, dang it’s hard.

Aaron is doing a rock climbing job in Joshua tree with NAWA this weekend so I’m flying solo…it’s gray and cool today so we’ve done lots of indoor things in addition to our regular day…………

Breakfast, tea and some playing with my sister (she stayed the night last night, and was a big help), cleaned up, nursed, advent chain, daily readings and prayers, nursed, talked about the parts of a theater in prep for the christmas performance my mom is taking us to tomorrow, made wind chimes with a hanger and spoons (basil’s idea), put on a christmas play, sang the nativity hymn some ten times, did some chores, nursed, read emails, blogs, laid down with napping kiddos, nursed, watched Charlotte’s Web, untangled lots of string for a “sleigh” led by a rocking dog toy, swatted a bootie a few times, gave correction and mommy direction multiple times, wiped many tears (and booties for that matter), had a pillow fight, nursed, blogged with a steamily breathing sleeping baby strapped to my back….and that pretty much brings us up to the moment.

So see, busy but not busy.

How’s your advent…just as challenging I’ll bet.  They just seem to be that way :)


4 thoughts on “it’s advent and i’m tired

  1. annie

    So I got curious and googled NAWA. I’ve narrowed my guessed as to what group Aaron is rock climbing with to; National Association of Woman Artists, or maybe it’s the National American Wolf Association but I am betting on NAWA school for independant learning. But maybe I am completely off.
    Anyways, I am glad to hear your sister is helping you out and you aren’t completely on your own. I can totally relate to the business you write about. But just to let you know, from an outsiders perspective you’v accomplished a lot today. The laundry can wait, the nurturing, directing, correcting, inspiring, creating, nursing, comforting etc….. those are all the important things, anyway.


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