peanut treasure chests

The kids and I went outside this morning. We had been cooped up for various reasons, colds, rain, etc. I strapped Simeon on my back (in my favorite birthday gift), gave Basil a haircut in the swing, took the trash barrels out to the street, and we ate peanuts on the end of the slide.

Someone said the peanut shells were like treasure chests and the peanuts are the treasure hiding inside. Made me smile.

Kid thoughts aside, it was nice to get out and enjoy my own peanut treasures.

I’ve realized that I need to be enjoying them more….talking with them, letting them help me with my activities, teaching as I go and just enjoying them as the blessings they are. Too often I get so busy with what I’m doing and try to shoo them away like they are burdens…only to have to leave what I’m doing to put out a squabble or check up on em. All that to say, I’m learning a lot. (check out the woodshed to get more of the idea…we’re trying to implement some of these ideas in our home…if you do read the site, let me know what you think).

In trying to find my place as their God-given authority to instruct them in His ways, I’m understanding more about my own need to learn the same things on a different level.

“Blessed art Thou O Lord, teach me Thy statutes.”…………..


5 thoughts on “peanut treasure chests

  1. Susan Sophia

    Thank you for the post. It’s a gentle reminder to me. I’ve been reminded all day.

    BTW…the link has the double http:// and needs to be fixed.

    I’ve really enjoyed that site, thank you!

  2. xenia kathryn

    Yeah, thanks for the site Sara. IT sucked me in, even during my designated “alone time” while V. and Job went on some errands. So instead of doing some projects, I just read the site :) Hehehe. BUT, it provided a lot of food for thought and has sparked some self-examination in my own parenting. I agree with the woman (Elizabeth?) when she talked about AP. It seems to work very well for younger babies, but as they grow and become more willful, I have personally been boggled as to what to do, discipline-wise.

    Obedience is so key for children to understand, yet I struggle with it so much in my own spiritual life. I want to be a better mom (especially as my family increases indefinitely…!!!). Now I see how moms of HUGE families do it!

  3. Arielle

    I LOVE that Tomato site! I didn’t think there was anyone out there who had outlined my child rearing philosophy like that. I really like her description of “tomato staking.”

    Pretty much everything she describes is what my aunt and uncle did with their six children, and they turned out so well – they had such a peaceful, loving, respectful home, and the children adored their parents.

  4. lauren s.

    I got hooked on the site too. I love Tomato Staking. Wow. I think that may be just what we need.

    As Hannah gets older, I am realizing that AP is for babies. It doesn’t work for three year olds. At least not mine. We’ve been struggling with discipline issue for a while too. I am still somewhat uncomfortable with the “s” word. I don’t think it’s abusive, or that people who use it are bad parents. I just don’t like it used excessively, and the handful of times I have done a swat on the rear, have mostly been done out of my own frustration.

    I just really want good kids, that listen, that respect, that love God, that love me and their dad, and that don’t throw everything we instill in them away when they get older. I’m scared!


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