just a link

If you’re a mother or think you might ever be, read this.

Lord have mercy.


5 thoughts on “just a link

  1. shirleymacrina

    Thanks for posting this link. It’s very powerful, isn’t it? I should read it every day and post it to my children’s foreheads! I enjoyed looking over your blog. Thanks for linking us up.

    Macrina, Anaphora Press

  2. Susan Sophia

    I’ve been meaning to tell you….I got this the other day and just read it AFTER you linked to it. Thank you! I agree with Macrina….I should read it daily!!

    Thanks again.

  3. Denise

    What a wonderful link. Having a few more years under my belt, I agree that it’s less about setting apart time for yourself to practice piety, but more about being self-sacrificing and patient for the children God has given us. Time to pray will present itself if we look for it, but it is much harder to die to oneself and to one’s desires than to pray. Kids give us ample opportunity for both in God’s time. Thanks for the post. I will definitely use the prayer.


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