the good, the bad & the ugly

Good :: St. Barnabas Kids Group meeting

Good :: Reading Little House in the Big Woods aloud on a rainy afternoon

Bad :: Potty training accidents

Good :: Hide and seek

Good :: Walks and cloud watching on a cool windy day

Bad :: Kids finding their hidden Christmas presents in the back of the van

Good :: Leftover Lentil soup and sourdough toast

Good :: Mulled wine

Bad ::  Laundry piles that breed and multiply when your back is turned

Good :: Dishes done, kitchen cleaned, living room tidy, kids in bed, and a movie with A

Good :: Sleep


5 thoughts on “the good, the bad & the ugly

  1. Liz in Seattle

    Oh yeah, and laundry baskets are worse than guppies. And they have twins when you have a cold, and have triplets when you have the flu.

    Kid: “M-O-O-O-M! I’m out of underwear!”
    Mom: groan, ache, fever.
    Kid: “”M-O-O-O-M! I’m WAITING!”


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