friday ~ don’t ask why day

don’t ask why i like …

messy playful living rooms

bunk bed forts

slobbery kisses

shoes on the wrong feet

muddy hands and mud milkshakes

hiding and seeking in the same old spots

colorful towers of folded laundry

earthworm filled buckets

odd shaped toddler-chopped potatoes in my chowder

nubby half blossomed baby teeth

happy friday.


4 thoughts on “friday ~ don’t ask why day

  1. layne aka: herman

    Yesterday I started reading a book, and in the front pages of the book were some words that reminded me of this post:

    Two things cannot alter
    Since time was, nor today
    The flowing of water
    And Love’s strange, sweet way.

    –Japanese lyric

    May both you and Aaron continue to enjoy your family, and all of the little things they do that stir your hearts.


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