noble squires

If you’re not convinced that boys are different from girls come play at my house…..

Basil: (dressed as a knight with a pot lid shield and grandpa made wooden sword, rounding the corner into the kitchen)  Come on J, let’s go fight the dragon!!

Juliana: (following her brother, dressed almost exactly the same only with a smaller sword and lid) No, let’s just go talk to him.

Gentle banter ensues regarding the intended nature of the dragon encounter.


10 thoughts on “noble squires

  1. Linsey

    That is classic! Liam met a little girl at the park.. 6 ish – and as they climbed up the slide together she said, “Liam, tell me about yourself.” Her twin brother put Liam in a choke hold minutes later.

  2. E Rica

    That is so awesome! How men are so ready to go off and fight the dragons and the women want to find a way to nurture, to keep the peace. It’s so cool.

  3. sara

    linsey! hello mama of 2 :) that story is great…how does liam like his new baby? how are YOU?

    erica……yepperoo, cool indeed;)

    papa h……i’ve thought of that. J is pretty tough as it stands, she wrestles with the best of em. might just have to try for another girl to give her an even go.

  4. sara

    you would James….:)

    I’m sure Susan could whip up a savory dragon stew, use the scales for 10 different things, the tail spikes for garden fence posts, the eyeballs for decorative table pieces, and the feet for milking benches!


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