I’m trying to conjure up a blog subject here. Nothing seems worthy so I’ll tell you how I’ve been feeling about dogs. So I took the kids to the park yesterday morning. While we enjoyed a game of tag and treasure hunt on the grass, a white truck pulled up. Not a mom car, not a work truck. Ok…it was a guy on his lunch break taking his GIGANTIC mastiff for a tightly restrained stroll through the park. The guy was giving the dog about on foot of leash and the spunky creature was pretty much pulling him.

Now my beef is…why would someone bring a dog like that to a park where children are playing? Am I being weird? I know we all share the park…but he was scary! One strong leap and he could have torn away from white truck man with little effort. We said hello when he walked two feet within our play zone. Maybe I should have moved when I saw him coming our way. I don’t know.  Maybe he was really sweet….but those teeth!  It gives me the willies.


10 thoughts on “doggone

  1. Ablla

    Sara, I don’t even have kids and I would have been a little scared. I’m the biggest dog lover too, but something about those REALLY BIG dogs always leaves me with the willies! My rule of thumb is to try and only get nervous when the dog is bigger than it’s owner!

  2. Susan Sophia

    I love big dogs…BUT…I do not like unknown big dogs or unknown dogs of any kind. When I was about 8 years old I was going to a neighbors house and their little dog (I don’t know what kind it was just that it really wasn’t very big) came running for me barking and bit me right in the leg. I was terrified of dogs after that UNLESS I knew them. I still don’t like running into stray dogs when out for a walk and I used to worry about walking in the neighborhood with my dog in case a stray would be out. I was afraid of dog fights.

  3. Linsey

    I understand completely. There is a pitbull in my complex on the lower level and is always on his back legs glaring at us as we walk past his patio. But I am also in the big dog category. I’m more afraid of little yappy dogs, which I also have a lot in my complex. My mom has a Newfoundland who weighs 145 lbs. and when people see us with her they look so nervous…always makes us giggle because she is the most gentle dog ever. She is also sooooo slow and because she is so big can’t run more than a few steps. But those little yappy dogs always come running up to Sophie (mom dog) and she just calmly looks down at these Napoleon-comlex-driven-annoyances with such boredom as they yelp away at her face.
    Can you tell I don’t like little dogs? :0

  4. xenia kathryn

    Mastiffs do scare me. I’m sure there are nice ones out there, but I’ll keep my distance until proven otherwise. :) I’d like a dog one day, but preferably something in the “medium” range (beagle, random mutt or a basset hound are my picks).

  5. Denise Ray

    Dogs always made me apprehensive and protective when my kids were small. One unruly dog could maim or disfigure my child for life. Now I realize, I am probably a little high strung, but I consider your response to be totally motherly. Consider mama bears, or moose, or even – dogs! Actually, I think you were gracious to say hello and not go into avoidance mode.

  6. Katie Judge

    So, Sara, I am in love with the poissonrouge website. Addie flips out at the frere jaques song and the light switch that she can turn on and off all by herself (in the alphabet section).

    You have rescued our rainy days! (except for when I tell her “all done,” and all hell breaks loose. oh well.)

  7. jamesofthenorthwest

    I have an aversion towards breeds that seem to have a tendency for eating children. I call them testosterone dogs, that often seem to serve the same purpose for inadequate feeling men that sports cars do.

    Sara…I advise packing heat. Pitbulls make lovely rugs…if you remove the demon-from-the-pits-of-hades looking head.


  8. Kungfupower

    If it weren’t for my considerable kung fu skills, I would find gigantic dogs extremely frightening. I don’t believe anyone should ever have a pet that can kick their butt. Weiner dogs, kitties and rats = good. Pitt bulls, alligators and cobras = bad.


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