the weekend’s here

While Aaron’s doing this in Joshua Tree (yup, that’s him) with the church Men’s Group this weekend, we’ll be eating Saturday pancakes without him, wishing he were here.

Have fun honey, don’t fall off any rocks.


8 thoughts on “the weekend’s here

  1. christina

    That’s funny… Paul (my husband) is on Mt. Hood snowshoeing and snow camping with our men’s group:) Personally, I have no desire to go snow camping, but that may just be me:)

  2. Liz in Seattle

    Steve and Brendan (11) were supposed to be on their Boy Scout outing, snow camping and cross country skiing near Snoqualmie Pass. The outing was cancelled after a blizzard warning this week, high wind warning, heavy snow warning, avalanche warning, and rain tomorrow. They’re tough, but not that tough. :-)

  3. Mimi

    Yikes! all of these brave (and some may say, a bit crazy) men out in the snow and cold! Prayers for all! While I cuddle under a blanket, sip tea and read.

    Poor Sean.

  4. Basil

    I haven’t actually visited your blog in a long time (I mostly lurk via newsreader). I note that Basil has exactly the same icon of St. Basil that I do. :D


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