st. john’s ladder

From this daunting work…

Freedom from anger is a triumph over one’s nature. It comes by hard work and the sweat of one’s brow.

The first step toward freedom from anger is to keep the lips silent when the heart is stirred; the next, to keep thoughts silent when the soul is upset; the last to be totally calm when unclean winds are blowing.

Just as darkness retreats before light, so all anger and bitterness disappears before the fragrance of humility.

Phew! Lord have mercy.


8 thoughts on “st. john’s ladder

  1. Liz in Seattle

    Okay, I’ll let you know when I’ve arrived at this one. Don’t hold your breath. My family sure isn’t :-o

  2. Susan Sophia

    I came across the second part years ago when digging for quotes. It is one of my favorites. It really was helpful…I’m still working on the “Keep the lips silent” part. It is FAR better than opening the lips many, many times throughout the day.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  3. lauren s.

    I need to remember this when I feel my blood boiling and loud and angry words are about to come flying out of my mouth.

    I DO have an icon of this ladder, perhaps I should peer at it more often.

    Lord have mercy is right!

    Thank you, Sara.


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