basil gets a blog

check it out…some good old four year old fiction.

i am basil


10 thoughts on “basil gets a blog

  1. Liz

    Hi Basil, I wanted to leave this comment on your blog, but for some reason the computer wouldn’t let me, but I think your mom will pass on my comments: Beniy and I read your blog and we think it is such a great idea and we loved your stories! Beniy thinks you will be an excellent reader and writer if you keep it up, but you are already very good too. It looks like your blog is going to be a lot of fun. You could also draw pictures to illustrate your stories and then post them on your blog. We look forward to reading more of your stories and maybe seeing some pictures too!

  2. Peter J.

    Hey Basil!
    I really like you new website. I just know Sophia will like it a lot too when I show it to her. You’re a really cool kid with neat things to play with, great stories and a really neat dad and mom. Please let your mommy and daddy know that a certain two friends of theirs will be getting married at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church in Anaheim this September 7th. (2008).
    Thanks a lot Basil!
    Have a super neat day!
    Peter J.

  3. H West

    Where are ya? I took forever to post, but I finally did. Now I can make other people feel guilty for not posting.


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