a slow machine & lent

I haven’t posted for ages mainly because our computer has been running so slowly, coupled with the fact that the space bar was popped off by wee fingers and we don’t know how to replace it. All is well though…the weather is warm and illness has fled the premises. Speaking of illness, have you ever used one of these? Ahhhhhh. Breathing is nice.

And now, as lent is upon us I’ll probably be posting less.  I’m not officially “giving it up” but just trying to be more productive and thoughtful with my time.  Plus, it just gets plain busy!

Do check in on I am Basil though….that kid is full of ideas.

To those whom it may concern have a blessed Lent…and to all, I ask your forgiveness for the sins I’ve committed against you.

Take care all.


2 thoughts on “a slow machine & lent

  1. H West

    Yes! We have a Neti Pot and my husband has used it and says it’s great. Glad you posted and things are o.k.! Have a blessed Lent.


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